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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your hours?

A. Thank you for visiting this season! We are closed until December 2020.

Q. Are dogs allowed?

A. The following rules apply to bringing your dog:

(1) Dogs are allowed in our outdoor spaces only.

(2) All dogs must be on a leash that is less than 6 feet long.

(3) You are required to pick up after your dog.

We do not suggest bringing dogs on opening night, Dec 14. Owners/dogs that are unable to follow these guidelines and potentially risk the experience of other guests will be asked to be returned to their vehicle.

Q. What does Celebration of Lights cost?

A. Celebration of Lights is our gift to you. There is no cost to park, view the lights,  and enjoy hot cocoa and cookies. If you would like to support the Oregon Food Bank, we invite you to bring canned food to donate at one of our on-site donation barrels.

We also have additional special events such as Senior Nights and concerts. Some events may require reservations or tickets. Please see the EVENTS page for information regarding each event.

Q. Are you open during "EVENTS"?

A. Yes. The lights are open nightly (from 5-10 PM) for you to visit even on special event nights. The concert dome is closed to the public during concerts.

Q. Is parking available?

A. Yes, parking is available approximately 100 yards from the main entrance on a grass field. Please wear appropriate footwear as the lot may be muddy.

Q. Is Celebration of Lights wheelchair/stroller friendly?

A. All pathways are paved, graveled or bark chipped. Ramped entrances are available where needed.

Q. When is "Senior Night"?

A. We are hosting two senior nights during the 2019 holiday season: Tuesday, Dec 17, and Thursday, Dec 19. On these nights we provide additional volunteer support to offer a steady arm, a companion, or other assistance for those who would like to see the lights.  We also have a sing-along in the lodge for those who do not wish to explore the grounds.


Please visit the EVENTS section of our website to register your group for the senior night of your choice so that we know you are coming. 

Q. What do I do if I think I lost/left something at Celebration of Lights during my visit?

A. Please use the CONTACT US feature of this website. Remember to provide all of your contact information as well as a detailed description of the lost item, including where you think you left it. 

Q. How do I get to Celebration of Lights?

A. Please click "Directions" on the map below to find your route.

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