“My name is Brian Moore I grew up in Estacada and now reside in Colton with my wife and three kids. I have enjoyed your lights and hospitality for years and we always make it a point to visit your wonderful display. I truly admire your great generosity in showing others how wonderful it is to GIVE with no expectations, other than for people to enjoy themselves and to be part of a power that far exceeds our comprehension. Thank you so much for allowing my family and I to be part of your family. God has truly blessed us all by your compassion to share with others freely. I hope that others may see the light that shines in you. You are an inspiration in the real meaning of Christmas (GIVING).”

“My boyfriend and I drove all the way out there from Tualatin last night, even through a very large back up of traffic on the 205 and some thick fog on those back roads. It was well worth it though and I just wanted to thank everyone there for creating all that to see and at no cost, even free cocoa! It really was wonderful and hopefully we can make it a tradition. I’d love to see the concerts you host as well next time.”
Thanks so much again!
Cassie & Zach