Our Christmas light display started over 20 years ago with a few simple lights to celebrate in the holiday season with our friends and family. With each year, more lights were added and more friends and family came to be a part of our festivities, growing our display into what it is today. Our desire has always been that families and friends could come into the country and for a time be in a “different world,” one free of the cares and worries of our everyday lives, and one full of the love, warmth, laughter, and memories that the holidays can offer.

Each year we create a theme to illuminate our tradition. Our theme has always been about a hope for peace and love that would bring the world into a place of goodwill towards men. As our display has grown, we have been blessed with more people donating their time and talent to creating the experience that so many families treasure and are truly moved by. Each year we hear amazing stories about how families integrate visiting our lights into their families’ traditions and how their time here has blessed them. In the end, their stories become a great blessing to us.

This year, our theme is “Live to Dream”. We ask that you come and share in our celebration. Bask in the cool air and warm glow of the lights, listen to the music of the season, hear the giggles of children young and old, and feel the peace that surrounds you in this beautiful place.

As always, everything is free.